Spring Clean Up

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Spring is the season of renewal, growth, and repair. Winter’s cold, ice, and snow melt away, leaving chaos behind. A yard clean up in Winnipeg, MB can help eliminate the broken limbs on shrubs and trees, squashed grass, and moldy piles of debris and leaves in your yard. Spring clean up services from Clean Cut Lawn Care help your landscape and turf recover from the harsh winter and look beautiful once again.

Spring cleanup includes a power rake (dethatch), air blow of beds, collection of all leaves & thatch, and your first mow and trim of the year.

A spring clean up is also a great time to explore new ideas for adding new features to your landscape. When you schedule your spring-clean up audit and consultation we can discuss new ideas that you may have for your yard.

Spring yard clean up in Winnipeg, MB is the best time to renovate damaged areas, add bark mulches, and trim away winter damage. We can also highlight your landscaping, enhancing its beauty and the exterior features of your property.

Power raking in the spring is mostly intended to maintain and control the buildup of thatch in Winnipeg, MB. Another benefit of power raking in the spring is the assessment of problem areas of the grass where snow mold has caused the blades to stick to one another, which could be a problem for future maintenance. We will be glad to visit your property to analyze and discuss your needs. To set up an appointment please give us a call!

We can assure you our professional service will provide you with courteous and punctual care.

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